This is us

The Internet Café has existed since 2015, opened by Ndiaga Diouf.

It was opened with the name: Black Media Tech

The business now has changed its name to CATALAYA INTERNET CENTER AND CAFÈ And for you, we serve: COFFEE AND TEA FOR FREE!

CATALAYA is the girl, who changed everything, and together we have changed, updated and upgraded the Internet Cafe, and also it has got its new name after the girl. The company now is run by JoofSorensen. It has its physical location in Kotu, Gambia, and the administration is run from both Gambia and Denmark.

We are now showing US to the WHOLE WORLD and we look so much forward to WELCOME you with the best servings for you and to give you full time solutions to your technology problems and also we look so much forward to serve for you our COFFEE AND TEA FOR FREE!

By US in our


We are with a unique and indescribable atmosphere, and everybody are equal and together with our indispensable, good and always stable staff, we put our hearts together to run the company the very best way and to give to you the very best services and solutions always.